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Want to change the world? We can help.

hg0088新2官方We believe that education is key to impacting positive change. At EMU you will be many opportunities to find a voice for your passions.

Change the world with your career

hg0088新2官方Your major at EMU can help you change the world. You have powerful ideas, we can help you learn the skills to turn those ideas into realities. You can changes the lives of all with a major from EMU.

Your major at EMU can help you become an advocate in:

We have many majors. Explore them all!

Learn to be an advocate in clubs and organizations on campus

We are a diverse community and our clubs and student organizations represent that diversity. Whatever your passion we can make space for it within our campus. Here's an example of the wide variety of clubs and organizations on campus. (Maybe faculty slider-style feature here)

EMU Clubs

Hear from other advocates

At EMU you will hear from others and learn about thier passions. Convocation, campus worship, and student activities give you a chance to hear how others have chosen to be advocates for thier passions. 

Here are some examples: 

Each year students lead activities and speak for Take Back the Night, an international event and organization raising awareness for sexual violence.

hg0088新2官方Bruxy Cavey, author and senior pastor at The Meeting House, a church for people who aren’t into church talked about embracing our role in the kingdom.

Jessica Crawford, musician and song writer, share her original music in convocation.

Dr. Jim Shultz, executive director of The Democracy Center spoke about climate change.

hg0088新2官方Dr. Juan Martinez of Fuller Theological Seminary spoke in convocation about "Walking into God's Future."

hg0088新2官方Students are invited share their passion for music during convocation.

Dr. Jerry Holsopple, professor of visual and communication arts, shared music he has written during convocation.

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